Our crew will be ready to pick up you at the Hotel, Airport, Harbor, Train station or Bus station. We will bring you to drive in 2,5h by car from the city of Banyuwangi to reach Alas Purwo National park, this area is a forest containing a wide variety of relatively intact ecosystem in Java. Ecosystems starting at the coast (coastal forests) to lowland rain forest, mangrove forest, bamboo forest, savanna and forest plantations

Ground flora diversity in the Alas Purwo National Park is quite high. Known for more than 700 species of plants from low typical of plant and other various type of trees / vegetation formations.

Beside rich species of flora, Alas Purwo National Park is also rich with mainland flora either the class of mammals and herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians). Found 50 species of mammals in the Alas Purwo national Park. Several species of mammals are found in this place are buffalo, deer, wild boar, leopards, monkeys, long-tailed monkeys etc.

And found about 302 species of birds. Some species of birds are easily seen among the white-bellied sea eagle, partridge green, red jungle fowl, peacock green etc.

Communities around the national park is quite complex with several culture “The last was”. They strongly believe that the National Park Alas Purwo is the last stop of the people who shy away from the invasion of Majapahit kingdom of Mataram, and believe that in the forest park is still stored several mystical things.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people who do meditations and hold religious ceremonies in Istana cave and Padepokan cave . In the vicinity of the national park entrance (Rowobendo) are relics of history in the form of “Pura Agung” which became a Hindu ceremony that Pagerwesi. The ceremony is held each period of 210 days.

Alas Purwo area designated as a national park since 1992 with a total area of ​​43,420ha and is a major destination for day trip Sadengan savanna where you can enjoy activities group peacock and bulls in every morning or evening when they gather to feed and end the tour by drop off You to the hotel or your next destination.