Our crew will be ready to pick up you at the Hotel, Airport, Harbor, Train station or Bus station.This area is only 35km or about 1,5jam drive from  Banyuwangi , even glaze signed in Situbondo administration but the easiest and most popular entrance is from Banyuwangi regent, this area became a national park was inaugurated in 1997 with total area ​​25,000ha.

Bekol savanna is one of the natural attraction mainstay showing an area about 300 hectares, covering the widest expanse of natural savannah in Java, with a background Baluran volcano this place looks like in Africa that’s the reason why testified to the Africa of Java. This savanna  is ± 12 km from the entrance of Baluran and visitors can reach it by car or motorbike. Along the road to Bekol visitors able to see the peacock (Pavo muticus), jungle fowl (Gallus sp.) and other various species of birds

In one corner there is a tower showing the overall view of the national park like Bama beachand Mount glaze with wildlife activity in it. Acacia nilotica plants found in some corners of the savanna, the development has an important function as a source of animal feed herbivorous during the dry season but it also adds the beautiful scenery of pastures, especially if you are traveling on one of the dry season crops is seen to be more prevalent among the dry grass.

There are hundreds of species of plants and survive in very dry condition and some wildlife such as bison, buffalo, peacock, deer and other animals even believe there is still a leopard in the park.

National parks Baluran can be visit along the year but the best season for a visit can be done between March to November which the grass is dry and looks different from other wild landscapes in Indonesia and end the tour by drop off You to the hotel or your next destination.