Our crew will be ready to pick up you at the Hotel, Airport, Harbor, Train station or Bus station. Kaliktatak is located 15 kilometers on the northwest of Banyuwangi city.

Kaliklatak is the pioneer of agro tourism in Banyuwangi even in Indonesia, this plantation has been established since long. The first owner is a Dutch company Mij Moorman & Co., but in 1957 this estate changed hands to R.Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, a local businessman and specially engaged in coffee plants, rubber and cacao. He improved Kaliklatak plantations with other plants like pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, keningar, eucalyptus, coconut and fruits such as bananas and citrus.

One attraction is the presence of agro-tourism demonstration in Kaliklatak is to see the coffee processing from planting, maintenance, harvesting and processing become real coffee beans. Similarly, starting with the rubber crop management by processing the sap up into the manufacture of other rubber products all can be observed by visitors.

Kaliklatak plantation has an area about 1.013ha, situated at an altitude of 450m above sea level makes the weather here is very cool. When visitors climb up to the highest place (Hargosonyo) they will enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Banyuwangi, Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula and Bali island.

As the physical facilities available for employee housing, kindergartens, schools, arts and sport centre, places of worship (mosque and church), and the market. Building arts and sport utilized for dance training, musical, gymnastics, and sports, each activated to maintain health and physical fitness as well as consolidation of character.

R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo have a very far-sighted. For him, the history of human life is an element of human civilization itself from era to era. For that he built the temple gate called Chess Purwaning dumadi with historical fencing with a decorative 36 reliefs depicting human history from ancient times, the present, to the future. This is a message to the younger generation not to forget the history, always be professional in any job options, and introduced to the world that the Indonesian people love peace and understand the essence of life as a gift of God Almighty and end the tour by drop off You to the hotel or your next destination.