Our crew will be ready to pick up you at the Hotel, Airport, Harbor, Train station or Bus station and bring you to drive to reach Red Island beach within 70km on the south side of the town of Banyuwangi.

This beach is known as a small hill across the beach with a height of about 200m earthy red that covered by green plants make original color look no further. This hill can be visited by foot only at low tide, this area is one of the places affected by the tsunami waves in the early 90s but over time local residents and forest ministry who has control for this place step by step change appearance beach and the surrounding environment becomes more beautiful and worthy for the visit.

Banyuwangi  regent give fully attention to the development of this tourist area, one of them is by improving the access road to the location. In late 2012, Banyuwangi regency has introduced Red Island Beach to the international world through with some international sports competition event.

Red Island white sandy beach stretches three kilometers so it is suitable for family visit but not recommended for swimming, especially the children because the waves were quite high.

The waves in the area of ​​the Red island quite challenging with a height of between 3-5m for sure it’s suitable for people who love with surfing sport and end the tour by drop off You to the hotel or your next destination.