Mangli Djaya Raya (MDR) is an Indonesian tobacco company established in 1960. Located in Jember, East Java, MDR is committed in preserving the tobacco heritage introduced during the Dutch colonial era. The company is located in Jember, a small town in the eastern part of East java. Thi company was founded on 1960, under the company name of FA. PRAWIRO.

Along tobacco harvest season you can find hundreds women works inside the factory which they divided into several part, like sorting process in several step, chopping department, Cigar production department and etc. Most special now they open it for public means visitors be able to see all that process.


The First cooperation with foreign country was done in 1972 with AL VAN BEEK of the Netherland, which lasting only in about 1 (one) year. Then, in 1984, MDR established another cooperation with a Dutch company named Deli Maatschappij. Again, the cooperation did not last longer than only 1 (one) year. The company finally  had to do the marketing its products independently.

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