We also provide tour to other destinations, one of it is Papuma beach. Papuma Beach located approximately 37 kilometers south of the town of Jember or about 1 hour drive from the city center. Beside the beach, forests located on the other side become a tourist attraction as well. The beach with an area of 25 hectares, it presents many advantages. Let’s say a stretch of white sand with a circular headland along the 1.5 km, rows of green hills with lush trees surrounding the beach.. Papuma owned natural beauty of pristine, yet besieged by many solid structures of concrete. The natural beauty of Papuma beach is become the attention of East Java province, so it won 1st Place Award Competition 2007 East Java Tourism Object Type Nature Most Popular in East Java.

Papuma Beach is a natural recreation forests and beaches in one location. This place is managed by the State Forestry Company, Tanjung Papuma is a tourist attraction beach beautiful natural scenery on the south coast of Jember. With an area of approximately 25 hectares, the developer of Tanjung Papuma give full flexibility for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and forests .

For the local tourists, Tanjung Papuma is like a ‘paradise’. In addition to presenting a variety of soothing panorama, a small land that juts into the sea on the south coast of East Java is also a great place for lovers of photography because all of the favorite by photographer here like Sunrise, Sunset and exotic stones. Finish enjoy the beautiful of Papuma continuing by transfer you to the next destination, end of our service.